Gabriella Heavy Sequins Saree

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Gabriella Heavy Sequins Saree
Saree: Half Plain Georgette with Half Heavy Sequins Embroidered Georgette Base Pattern
Blouse: Georgette Base Sequins Work
Come with Petticoat

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    Gabriella Heavy Sequins Saree


    Saree is the oldest outfit in Indian Woman Wear closet since it has been among us from centuries. Furthermore this makes Saree the oldest and most popular outfit from Indian Traditional Woman Wear. Because of sentimental attachments and elegance is what makes Saree the most popular in Indian Ethnic Wear. Women wear it on daily regular wear for work, occasion, etc. blends in anywhere anytime. So we get you this Gabriella Heavy Sequins Saree. Saree is a long wide fabric which comprises of different print, embroidery, texture, color, etc. (depending upon on the design created by designer) alongwith Petticoat to help drape it. Bodice known as Blouse or Choli is worn with Saree. Woman from different regions wear it in different as a result we get different Saree drape style option just like Navi Style, Gujarati Style, etc.


    This Gabriella Heavy Sequins Saree consists of Saree (bottom wear), Blouse (upper-body wear, generally exposing midriff), Petticoat (this helps to drape saree and also adding elegance to it)


    Saree is a long – wide fabric which is worn by wrapping around the waist and goes all the way up by draping it over the shoulders.


    Upper body wear, exposing abdominal depending on style are Blouse.


    Petticoat is an inner wear for Saree which is comfort in fit and helps you wrap saree by holding it.


    Fabrics are finalized by designer on the basis of design and styling of outfit or even vise – verse so they can make  Certainly fabric to make dupatta should be soft, flowy, lightweight fabric like soft net, chiffons, etc. since it is to be carried on shoulder


    • Raw Silk
    • Chanderi Silk
    • Dhupian Silk
    • Banarasi Silk
    • Georgette
    • Organza
    • Chiffon
    • Velvet
    • Silk
    • Net


    Fashion Designer working day and night in collaboration with their team of skilled tailors, karigars and overcoming every obstacles so they can deliver these outputs as a result. Certainly to make everybody look and feel like a superstar and sparkle like one as every individual has unique sense of style and personality.

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