Majestic Magenta Punjabi Suit

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Majestic Magenta Punjabi Suit
Suit: Net Base with Sequins and Zari Embroidery
Pajami: Lycra
Dupatta: Net Base with Sequins Booti

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    Majestic Magenta Punjabi Suit

    This Majestic Magenta Punjabi Suit is a uplift version of Indian Suit. Indian Suit are Indian traditional wear for woman, very common and popular in North, West, South regions of India for their daily and occasional. Originally its worn with salwar along-with dupatta because of new fashion trends now a days its more preferred with pajami, leggins and so on. Salwar suits has been trending in Indian culture from ages now thanks to creative Fashion Designer, these are even more popular as party wear.


    This Majestic Magenta Punjabi Suit consists of three parts mainly suit (kameez), salwar (pajami or leggins) and also dupatta.
    Suit is upper-body wear for woman (originated in India) probably knee length with quarter sleeves, cover the upper body.
    Dupatta wide length fabric so it can easily be carried on shoulders to cover the chest.
    Pajami is tight fitting trouser for women.

    Punjabi Suits been traditional wear which makes it certainly the preferred choice for Indian woman for their daily wear as well. Certainly with reference to target audience for brand (like daily wear or party wear) Fashion Designer decide on fabrics to get the desired output on Punjabi Suits yet keeping it budget friendly.


    • Silk
    • Rayon
    • Cotton
    • Chiffon
    • Raw Silk
    • Georgette
    • Cotton Lawn


    Fashion Designer working day and night in collaboration with their team of skilled tailors, karigars and overcoming every obstacles to get deliver these outputs as visualized. Certainly to make everybody look and feel like a superstar and sparkle like one as every individual has unique sense of style and personality.

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